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Uncle Quang looks at his right side, Han changes the whole set


Touch 88 sticky sticky rice, Mr. Wang has discovered the business and squeezed knee kissed excuses, Han left all night did not come back. He walks for an indefinite period and rests in a park bench. Suddenly, Han received a message from Hong – sister that her mother was looking for the book to calculate. So Han took a taxi at Kiet's job, but here he happened to meet Phuc accidentally. Seeing the rival, though ugly, but Han warned Phuc or left before Mai arrived.

However, Han did not say clearly that Phuc felt unpleasant and unhappy. Phuc pulled his hand to demand clarity of the industry, but in the pulling accidentally he fell and knocked his head in the faint door. Witnessing that everything happened, Kiet said he was hurt by Huan should be determined to go to court to complete the divorce process and announced that he would raise two children. Although Han did not accept it, he now has no right to speak.

The next day, due to the death of his grandfather's grandfather, Kiet wanted to take his children. Listen to the three of them, Kiet to talk to Mr. Wang and ask permission to get the two kids out. When Han returned, knowing that Kiet had taken his two children, I mistakenly thought that Kiet had always brought them had to be distracted to run to find children.

Hanh rushed, Their daughter watched them more immediately, but because Han ran so fast that he could not catch him. At this point Mrs. Mai showed pain and dizzy dizziness, she had seen nothing clear and fell into a fainting. Mr. Wang and Minh and Huong came to the hospital to see May's situation, so he met Han. Knowing the problem after I drove Han away that Ms. Mai rescued, Mr. Wang immediately shouted Han out loud. Ms. Mai heard that her husband ran away and asked her only the gentle sun should shoot everyone in the same house. However, as soon as they left, the doctor intended to run according to his health report, but no one else.

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