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Many people are concerned about providing tax information to the bank (Photo).

Many people are concerned about providing tax information to the bank (Photo).

As well as previous information, the draft Tax Administration Act refers to the regulations that commercial banks provide to the tax administration in relation to taxpayers' accounts, including the balance of the taxpayer's account within 10 working days of receiving the request for information from the agency tax administration.

Regarding the security of taxpayer information, representatives of the General Tax Directorate, Luu Duc Huy, Director of the Thematic Department, said that providing information on the taxpayer's account number is directed Minimizing the procedure for taxpayers, automatically sharing information between the tax administration and affiliated parties . At present, 51 banks have signed with the tax authorities information sharing, of which 49 have been implemented.

"With the above-mentioned leadership of the tax authorities, the tax authorities manage the accounts database of hundreds of thousands of businesses, but there have been no cases that affect the confidentiality of information," Huy said.

In addition, according to Huy, referring to international experience, such as the IMF Model Law of the IMF (International Monetary Fund); Hungarian tax administration law and OECD report on improving access to bank information for fiscal purposes, most countries require banks and financial institutions to notify the Fiscal Office is aware of the opening of taxpayers' accounts and tax codes issued by tax offices.

"Even some countries need automatic reporting of account closure, end-of-year account balance as well as interest on taxpayers' accounts to tax authorities. The content of the draft law on the obligations and responsibilities of commercial banks is in line with international practices, while exchanging information with tax authorities in the countries, "Huy said.

According to the representatives of the Directorate General for Taxation, in the context of international economic integration and the development of e-commerce as powerful as today, anti-price transfer, revenue erosion and management consolidation, gender, e-commerce require synchronization of all levels and branches into the functions and the tasks of managing the state of each ministry, branch, and locality.

Earlier, discussing this issue with the Parliamentary Assembly, MP Pham Thi Thu Trang (Quang Ngai), said that this regulation is inappropriate. In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Credit Institutions, credit institutions and branches of foreign banks are not allowed to provide information on deposit accounts, deposit assets, customer transactions with credit organizations and branches of foreign banks to other organizations and individuals , unless they are required by the competent state agencies in accordance with the law and approved by the clients.

Accordingly, according to delegations, there should be a harmony between the two regulations so as not to affect the bank's prestige and operation, in order to avoid abuse of the request for information to the bank violates the law. , Contributor Comment Page.

"I suggest that the editorial committee should clearly study the cases of information provision, the authority to request information and, in particular, the strict rules on the deduction of money from the account to pay taxes to secure them. Legitimate and legitimate interests of citizens "said Trang.

After explaining the views of Delegates, Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung said the current law also provides that the bank must provide information about the taxpayers' account opened with banks. to the tax administration. Both IMF and OECD countries have recommended that these sanctions be recommended by the IMF, particularly in the context of Vietnam's development of e-commerce and cross-border trade.

"Banks are payment gateways abroad, not management is not." Without saying that our economy is still a cash economy, there are many issues to consider that the process is not very difficult. The responsibilities of the relevant agencies, including the banks, must be clearly stated, "the minister said.

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