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Van Toan dissolves domestic suspected internal recruitment from Vietnam


HAGL has recently posted a photo on his personal website, arguing that there are no contradictions.

Van Toan dissolves domestic suspected internal recruitment from Vietnam

In a recent announcement on personal website, midfielder Hai Duong Nguyen Van Toan has posted a photograph with Captain Nguyen Van Quyet, a fun joke about the man's hair.

Van Toan's movement has in the past eliminated the suspicion that does not deserve recruitment, while claiming to be completely disrespectful despite the injury.
Van To posted a photo on his profile page

Van Toan's work helps Vietnam avoid stress to get a maximum focus for the AFF 2018 AFP Cup semifinals against the Philippines will take place on the evening of December 2.

In preparation for the next match, the afternoon of 27/11, coaches from Vietnam continue to practice at the VFF training center.

In this training session, journalist noted that striker Van Toan was able to practice, but he can exercise only slightly under the supervision of physicians, not the same tactical lesson with the copper team.

According to the doctor, Van Toan's injury was not as difficult as was originally expected. Specifically, after screening, Van Toan suffers only an injury, cartilage stretch level of lichen 1, which is not broken or cilia cut and is expected to recover after 2 weeks by special treatment. If he is lucky, Van Toan can afford to play in the semifinals of My Dinh on the evening of 6/12.

Tomorrow at noon, Van Toan will be with Vietnam on his way to the Philippines, preparing for the first semifinals. Although he is almost incapable of playing in this match, Van Toan's presence on the bench is expected to create motivation to help Vietnam continue to defeat the host. in the next match.


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