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Vice-Chairman of the People's Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen: Examining Land Destination Change in Planning Planning


On November 27, the HCM's Permanent People's Council held a meeting to explain the planning, implementation of planning areas with educational functions, parks – trees in the city.

The attendance and chairing of the hearing included: Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of HCM City Council Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam; HCM City People's Deputy Chairman Pham Duc Hai and HCM Truman Thi Anh Vice President of HCM City Council. The meeting was attended by HCM Vice President, Tran Vinh Tuyen; Representatives of departments, branches, districts.

Lack of feasibility due to the "drawing" of the park on people's homes

At the hearing, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nha, Director of the Planning and Investment Department, said that the related units are focusing on the implementation of planning projects, such as the park development program, the trees in the area.

For this program, the functional agencies coordinate the land fund review, plan, propose call policies, mobilize social resources combined with the budget to invest in building a green park. However, the planned area of ​​green parks is not planned to be about 11,030 ha (almost 96%). In addition, the implementation rate for educational land planning is only around 30%.

Prior to this situation, HCM City Council Chairman Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam pointed out that land dedicated to educational functions and green parks was planned with great goals, but the results were very low. Due to unplanned and unplanned planning, summer planning between residential areas is unreasonable, so it is difficult to recover masterplan implementation. The head of the People's Council asked, "Who will be responsible for this situation?"

At the explanatory session, delegates also showed a lot of unreasonable planning, planning implementation and property developers for real estate projects.

For example, in some projects the investor completed the house and the commercial exploitation area. However, planning areas for public roads, green parks or schools are delayed. Afterwards, the owner "compensation" cry, does not continue to implement the project should be proposed the project planning adjustment, which affects the overall target of the proportion of land for education, trees.

Representative Truong Lam Danh, the head of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Law Department, honestly said that reducing the benefits mentioned above only brings benefits to the owner of the project.

"QH-KT, the Department of Construction has solutions to overcome the delivery of projects that investors can not afford," said Deputy Chairman of the HCMC People's Committee, Nguyen Minh Nhut.

According to Truong Lam Danh delegates, most planned green parks targeting residential areas should be adjusted. For example, in the Cu Chi district planned green "snap" trees in the crowded residential area should adjust and so if to adjust go?

"Are there other residential areas?", Delegate Truong Lam Danh surveys and analyzes, this has led to land planning for education and green park, but has not been implemented.

"Do not pass the plan hanging from one place to another"

Mister. Truong Trung Kien, head of the HCM City People's Committee, said that most people do not oppose the plan to build schools and green trees, but people in front of the planning plan are very distant. . So, how is the responsibility of the Planning and Economy Department in advising on the reasonableness of planning positions?

Expressing interest in this content, HCM City People's Council chairman, Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam, wondered where planning and then how management planning and plan implementation is how?

"Implementation of planning requires time," Chairman of HCM City People's Council Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam shared, but also suggested, must be clear to people about the implementation time is 5 years, 10 years or 30 years … At the same time, authorities, in particular the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, have measures and policies that ensure the interests of people in the affected area.

According to the report, the chief of the urban planning branch said that in principle there should be sanctions, the reduction of targets and fines, and the Planning and Finance Department will explain the specific addresses.

Nguyen Thanh Nha admitted that the feasibility of some of the planned functional areas for education and green parks is limited. This is partly due to the on-the-ground planning of households and people who have large outlays for offsets and offsets on the ground, thus affecting feasibility.

"Sometimes because of the pressure on time, the consulting units are not qualified. Meanwhile, the Planning and Investment Department is the unit that evaluates the planning projects, but the capacity of the staff is limited, which makes some planning plans poor , is not feasible, "said Nguyen Thanh. elegant demonstration. At the same time, it is committed to implementing many solutions in the near future to improve the quality of planning projects, ensuring feasible planning.

Chiu foc with head, Deputy Director of Planning and Investment Department Nguyen Thanh Toan said that many places were planned for transport, green parks and for education. Therefore, the remaining issues are related units, such as the GT-VT Department, must boldly embark on the Planning-Investing Department so there are reasons to allocate capital for project implementation.

Responding to "moving" planning is not feasible, Toan said: "The vision of the Planning and Economics Department is not able to bring planning to hang from one place to another.

Planning the final table of the approval table

At the meeting, Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, Tran Vinh Tuyen, said development planning is inevitable. However, the greatest constraint for the city is still planning, which is partly due to delayed planning, is not feasible or when real implementation is met because implementation has a great impact on people. .

"Do we grow the planned land-use planning target and educators are happy or worried? I say people are not happy because the current way is causing many instabilities for people's lives," said Vice President Tran Vinh Tuyen, Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee listen to people's opinions It is not possible to review and adjust the planning.

Vice President Tran Vinh Tuyen noted that a 2-alley alley is currently 4 meters wide but was planned on a 16-meter road. However, the two sides are all tall buildings, it is difficult to implement planning, so the city adjusted in a timely manner.

Therefore, the city also recalculate how it is implemented, because delays in the implementation of planning affect the interests of the people, especially can not change the purpose of land use.

"Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee also have to look at themselves," Vice President of the People's Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen accept responsibility and analysis if you only sit at the office and approval of planning will be impossible, causing a great impact on people.

In addition, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee will reconsider planning affect people's interests, especially policies for people in the planning area.

At present, people have land where planning is not allowed to change the purpose of land use, and when implementing the project, compensation for people is very low due to the price of agricultural land. The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City's view is to allow people where the purpose of planning is converted and when the land is recovered, people will be compensated for higher prices.

"It is impossible to do work to reduce the risks to people," said Vice President Tran Vinh Tuyen and confirmed that the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee would be calculated to refer the petition to the Permanent Committee of the Local Committee on this content.

Speaking at the meeting, chairman of HCM City People's Council, Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam, noted that landscaping for trees and education is to ensure sustainable development.

Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City People's Council Tran Vinh Tuyen: Examining Change of Destination of Residential Land in Planning Photo 1HCM City Council Chairman Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam proposed renovating thinking in planning to ensure city development and improve people's quality of life. Photo: KIỀU PHONG

Therefore, the relevant units need to change their thinking in planning, managing and implementing planning to ensure the development of the civilized city, to improve the quality of people's lives. city. However, the explanation revealed planning, management planning and implementation of the lack of synchronicity.

"Planning is just two husbands, but now their children have grown, but the planning has not yet been implemented," said chairman of HCM City Council Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam quoted and said that the results of tree planing Blue Time is too small due to lack of resources.

Therefore, in the near future, the related units need to rethink their thinking in planning, managing planning and implementing planning; At the same time, planning should take into account the road map and the resources to implement the planning. The chair of the HCM Population Council also asked the HCM Citizens Committee to carefully review and evaluate planning carefully and carefully to ensure that the adjustment is reasonable and in line with the plan.


* Mister. NGUYEN THANH NHA, Director of the Planning and Investment Department: ThGreen planning in the suburbs is very low

The ground area for education, greenery in the suburbs is very high, but the implementation rate is very low. Specifically, plots of land for education, greenery in 5 suburban districts (Cu Chi, Mon Hoc, Binh Chanh, Nha Be and Can Gio) exceed 1,674 ha (almost 51%) and nearly 6,660 ha (nearly 60% planned green area).

Thus, in the suburbs there is plenty of land to allocate green trees, educational lands, but now there are fewer green parks than in the inner city. However, the implementation rate of educational planning, green plants in suburbs has achieved low results, respectively 18% and 0.68%. In the entire city, the educational planning rate reached about 30% (almost 992 ha of 3,303 ha); Park level is only 4.3% (more than 491 hectares, of nearly 11,420 hectares).

* Mister. LE HOAI NAM, Deputy Director of the Department for Education and TrainingIt is recommended that kindergartens be built in places where there are no educational plans

Based on the forecast of the number of students, the Department of Education and Training calculates the field of educational lands and coordinates with the Planning and Education Department to adapt the planning accordingly. The target terrain planned for education, although there are changes, the target of educational lands is not reduced, but it can only grow. However, the implementation planning process encountered problems, especially clearing and clearance, so the implementation rate of the planning is not high.

In the city center, schools have narrow playgrounds; At the same time, demand for public kindergartens is very high. Therefore, the Department for Education and Training proposes to raise high schools in the central city and to request the socialization of educational planning projects. At the same time, it is proposed to provide for the construction of a kindergarten in non-educational lands to meet the needs of the people.

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