Tuesday , June 28 2022

Vietnam football to go private, to avoid flying to the Philippines AFF Finals Cup final semifinals 2018


VFF leaders intend to cooperate with a Vietnamese airline to create conditions for the Vietnamese team to use private aircraft directly from Hanoi to Bacolod (Philippines) AFF Cup 2018 semi-finals on December 2 here.

This plan comes from the fact that, if using civilian flights, the Vietnamese team must transit through two new cities at the venue. The total travel time can be up to 15 hours. This will certainly affect the strength of Vietnam team members before the semi-final first leg.

Vietnam football to go private, to avoid flying to the Philippines AFF Cup semifinals 2018 - Photo 1.

Coach Park Hang-seo does not want the Vietnamese team to go through a "flight of carcasses" as the current to the Philippines. Photo: Hieu Luong.

Prior to this, the team plans to practice Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City to become familiar with the hot and humid climate of countries such as Thailand, the Philippines. Moving to practice here also aims to reduce one leg for the Vietnam team. As a result, the team can rest and wait for the flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Manila, Philippines. However, the flood plan due to the impact of Typifu no.9 landfall in the southeast and the Mekong delta.

For this reason, the Vietnamese team has proposed to FFF leaders working with Vietnamese airlines to help this issue to ensure that players are physically the best.

Van Toan's injury did not occur at the Vietnam rehearsal on the morning of 27/11. T / H: Ted Tran.

Previously, the team in Thailand also faced the same problem. "The Elephant War" must meet Indonesia (home) and Philippines (far) in four days (21 and 25/11). Professor Professor Milovan Rajevac spent more than half a day to get to Bacolod. Abrasive power is also part of the reason why the Thai team fought against the Philippines.

The Vietnamese team is expected to move to the Philippines on November 28th. The team will have 3 training sessions here before meeting with the hosts on December 2 at the Panaad Stadium.

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