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Vietnam is not the same class as Thailand


According to the former Singapore player John Wilkinson, Vietnam Tel is strong enough but can not be at the same level as Thailand.

Vietnam is not the same class as Thailand

In a recent part of the Manado court, the former star in Singapore, John Wilkinson, made the assessment of potential AFF Cup candidates in 2018. According to the former player, in South East Asia Only three teams can qualify for the championship.

Thailand won five international matches for the AFF 2018 Cup.
Thailand is considered another level of Vietnam at the AFF 2018 Cup.

"Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand are too strong for the rest of Southeast Asia, in particular, Thailand has reached a high level." They are at a totally different level from the local teams Three or four years ago, Thailand was far behind other rivals, "said John Wilkinson.

Despite being the best team in the league with four championships, Singapore is not very well seen in this year's tournament. It is also understandable that the titles they have acquired come from the players' naturalization policy.

Commenting on Singapore's forthcoming match against Indonesia, Wilkinson added: "The first match is always the most important thing, if you win, you will have a lot of confidence, if Singapore can beat Indonesia, the chances of going through the group stage will be huge.

Being in Thailand and the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia are unlikely to be defeated at the start of the tournament. In fact, Indonesia is now rated more than Singapore as the second runner-up to the tournament.


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