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We recommend Saudi Arabia vs Qatar 23:00 on January 17 Asian Cup 2019


Soccer Review today Saudi Arabia vs Qatar at 23:00 on January 17 (2019 Asian Cup Group E): expert opinion, outcome prediction, professional analysis, football odds information, party statistics margin before the match.

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Identify football today Saudi Arabia vs Qatar: 0-0

With a favorable program (meeting two weaker Tien Tien and Lebanon rivals in the first two rounds), it is not surprising that Saudi Arabia and Qatar will soon gain power in the eighth round. After 2 matches, two West Asian players won, with 6 absolute points. Since we continued, the first 90 minutes of confrontation between the two teams only had the significance of the first division.

According to the pair in round 1/8, group E will meet with Iraq, second place with group D, and second place with group E will meet the largest group F (probably Japan). Thus, the chances of entering the quarter-finals of Group E will be more open, with Japan being considered the top champion of the championship and, of course, stronger than Iraq. Currently, thanks to the better sub-index (+8 versus +6), Qatar temporarily occupies the top point of E.

Therefore, to defend the first team, the Coach Bas team only needs to fire while Saudi Arabia has to win if they want to get to the top position. If no one wants to meet Japan in the eighth round. As Group F competed ahead, the two teams met the final position of Japan before entering the last match of Group E, which means Japan, but unfortunately second place in Group F, it is not known whether the two teams they will do it. Why did you meet after that?

The experience of 38 times higher than the top, the balance is tilted to Saudi Arabia with 17 wins, and Qatar wins only 6. But if counted in the last decade, Qatar has a new advantage in invincibility. Defeat over 6 confrontations (win 3).

Last time was approved by Saudi Arabia 0: 1/4, Qatar won with a score of 2-1 (26 May 2009). It seems that, in this situation, Qatar should be boldly chosen.

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