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What are the "best"


When we go to a restaurant or even buy beef from an importer, the phrase "beef cattle" seems to always appear on the menu. But who is confident that he distinguishes beef from Australia, American beef, Japanese beef and superior or secondary quality?

What is the best American cow - this phrase is not arbitrarily used - Photo 1.

Beef is promoted as "premium" in social networks

In fact, the top or bottom is not based mostly on the advertiser's message. Sellers have a good beef, otherwise they will be the quality of the meat less than the price. In addition, the phrase is exhausted is overwhelming, because many people "crawling" is good and ranked first.

From the top is "cheap" so?

Of course not! In the United States, a "premium" cow is a real concept, called "prime", and is a standard set by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The first is actually used to classify other meat – including calves and lambs – based on succulence, flavor and softness.

What is the best American cow - this expression is not arbitrarily used - Figure 2.

A piece of American beef "Prime"

These criteria are based on the grain fat texture and the age of the sack. About fat, do not mess with fat cover the flesh. It must be the fat inside the fibers to increase the taste and taste of the meat. As for age, the lower the cow (not the calf), the meat will be softer. Thus, the "premium" standard will be for the youngest and most fertile.

But because it is of the highest quality, it can not be chewed and massaged. A piece of "Prime" meat must be of superior quality. According to the USDA, less than 2% of US beef is consumed each year through rigorous testing to be the "Prime" label.

Which are the best American cows - this expression is not arbitrarily used - Photo 3.

Of course, the price of raw beef is not cheap. According to Costco – the famous US retail chain, 1kg of premium quality beef will cost about 800,000 / kg. If imported into Vietnam, the price will fluctuate around 1 million.

Distinctive US cattle are ranked

US Prime Bears must have a USDA stamp. It has a shield, and it clearly states "USDA Prime". Stamps will be printed on the largest piece of meat and packed again.

Which is the best American cow - this phrase is not used arbitrarily - Photo 4.

But, along with Prime, the USDA has two other ratings for a slightly smaller beef, Choice and Select. Specifically, as follows:

What is the best American cow - this expression is not arbitrarily used - Figure 5.

First-class quality: high-quality meat, low fat, high fat texture. The meat is sweet, soft, succulent and very aromatic, although it is not seasoned. Often sold in high-end steaks.

Choice – premium type: Meat is of high quality, although it is not equal Prime. The fat content is lower, the sweetness is not equal to those that still give excellent taste.

Select – the standard type: the meat is mostly weak, less fat, but delicious if cooked properly.

There are also Standard and Commercial, which refers to frozen meat frequently sold in US supermarket chains.

In America, it is wrong to say that the meat is wrong

In the United States, it is illegal to sell Prime meat without checking the quality of the meat (stamp) or using ambiguous language. For example, restaurants will not have the right to name dishes as "prime rib" as they may be confusing. This is not an arbitrary word.

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