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What color is Derby Manchester?


What color is Derby Manchester?
Facebook is a place where people find a lot of interesting things, but also a little stupid. For example, "What kind of character do you belong to?", "How rich are you?" Or "What color is your life?". These are mostly nonprofit applications, but they are accompanied by countless threats such as password theft and personal information on Facebook.

"What color is your life?" It provides some basic colors and hard explanations of the user's ego. What is generous, responsible, friendly, dedicated to pride … however, that account has innocently revealed a bad thing on the internet. Of course, this explanation must be good, because she is upset and wants to get people to click.

Life is colorless, only through the mind of man that it has color. In love, the purple color, the love to change to the cardoon purple card, new salary, bright colors, black eye darkness loss. It's not as steady as the color of Manchester derby, just two colors: blue or red.
This separation of colors comes simply from the desire to differentiate between himself and his opponent, especially when the opponent is more successful, much brighter. Since United chose Red, Man City could not choose the red and blue colors. Since United were extremely successful, Man City had to be more successful. This is usually seen in football.

This color choice comes from the perspective of you and your opponent City of Green is the color of the sunny days, suitable for the city of the ancient city – as the self-proclaimed The Citizens – go to the kitchen knife. It contrasts with the flaming red of the vapor in the industrial revolution at the Manchester United Manchester port.

The city man emphasizes this difference of origin. They considered themselves in the upper class, ate the mouthpiece, installed Sonata Moonlight on the phone with music sound, and the worker workers completely different from the ports, drank the whole cup, the chewing sandwiches did not shut the mouth, Know the outside theater Old Trafford.

This pride is manifested in their name and their nickname. They are the sky, the city, the city and, of course, the noble ones. Pride is rising because Middle East money is rushing to lift the team into giants. But deep inside Manchester City are so bitter when the difference in performance and mark between them and United are too big.

Meanwhile, United are proud of the Reds. With the red and oceanic symbol, they built a dusty team, thanks to a donut dog, who stepped over the plane to become the largest team. It was the Premier League.

They turned Manchester Port beyond Liverpool to become Britain's busiest and richest port. They have also overtaken Liverpool to become the most successful football team in the country, European champion in the golden age and the best football club in the world over the years.

Tonight, what Manchester derby color? Surely it will be the color of money and blood!

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