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Xuan Hinh suddenly emerged as wife of Deputy Minister of Finance –


Friday, January 18, 2019 00:05 (GMT + 7)

The image of Xuan Hinh who appears on the singer Dinh Hien Anh is one of the most interesting stories in the last 24 hours.

Vietnam dropped Yemen 2-0: Vietnamese stars "not happy" with Van Lam and Quang Hai for this reason

On January 16, the Vietnamese team won a 2-0 win over Yemen in the final round of the Asian Cup round. However, this result can not help Vietnam to grasp the ticket in the 1/8 round, but must wait for the results of Group E and F matches on the evening of 17/1.

As a regular supporter of host team matches, singer Hoang Bach voiced his views on player performance last night.

24h HOT: Xuan Hinh suddenly appeared on the wife of Deputy Minister of Finance - 1

Hoang Bach is not really satisfied with the performance of the Vietnamese team on the evening of 16/1.

The former AC & M member said he is not very pleased with what Vietnam has shown before Yemen, as the host team did not play as well as usual, especially in the first 60 minutes of the match.

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Female MC is facing nice football bikini commentary on the battlefield VN – Yemen

Also in the Vietnam match against the Yemeni rival, which took place on the evening of January 16, among the lucky Vietnamese spectators present on the field, there was a pretty special girl who caused a stir in the television season. The Last World Cup. This is the female MC Thu Hang of the show The Prophet of Russia.

24h HOT: Xuan Hinh suddenly came to the wife of Deputy Finance Minister - 2

In the match between Vietnam and Yemen, he had moments to break the host team's victory.

Invite readers to see more MC Thu Hang pictures here.

Xuan Hinh suddenly appeared at the wife of Deputy Minister of Finance

The images behind the MV by female singer Dinh Hien Anh have just posted with the appearance of the meritorious Xuan Hinh, making fans surprised.

24h HOT: Xuan Hinh suddenly came to the wife of Deputy Minister of Finance - 3

The images reveal the appearance of the meritorious Xuan Hinh in the music video of singer Dinh Hien Anh.

It is also a new product of singer Dinh Hien Anh after the wedding with Deputy Minister of Finance Huynh Quang Hai at the end of 2018.

What is the reason why Meritos Xuan Hinh has appeared in MV Dinh Hien Anh? Invite readers to see more HERE.

Runner-up Thai My Linh moved after he suspected he was sensitive to Thu Dung

My Thai Linh is known as runner-up at Global Miss Vietnam Beauty 2017. In September last year, she received a sensitive rumor with the Thu Dung runner.

It is noteworthy that at that time beauty has announced on Facebook temporary transfer to Singapore for some time. The information about My Linh has become less and less, making fans curious.

24h HOT: Xuan Hinh suddenly appeared to wife as Deputy Minister of Finance - 4th

Thai My Linh shared the photos that changed after 10 years

Recently, Thai My Linh suddenly shared some pictures of a new apartment located in Ho Chi Minh District 1 apartment complex. Thus, the audience can see the rather modest living space of beautiful people.

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Lam Chan Khang tried Pham Pham loan of 400 million to marry and unexpected end

In the clip, Lam Chan Khang revealed that he would try to call for money to borrow money from close friends. The amount of money the male singer wants is 400 million dong in order to make a wedding with his girlfriend.

His first friend, Lam Chan Khang, recalled that he was singer Pham Truong (former member of Vboys). Receiving an offer to borrow money from a close friend, Pham Truong was quite surprised and turned out to be "half-sold."

24h HOT: Xuan Hinh suddenly emerged as wife of Deputy Minister of Finance - 6

Lam Chan Khang showed his friend "joke".

Lam Chan Khang convinced more when he gave the reason that the bank card was broken while he needed money to deposit money for the restaurant … He also promised to repay the loan a week later.

So is Lam Chan Khang successful with the "joke" of his best friend? Invite readers to see more HERE.

24h HOT: Thu Dung is exposed to poverty but still lives in luxury

Showbiz Vietnam on January 16 revolves around the stories of Thu Dung, Dan Truong, Phuong Mai …

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