Saturday , October 1 2022

A 10-year-old UK boy meets a superman who saved his life with bone marrow transplantation 1 NEWS NOW


A 10-year-old British boy with a rare blood disorder has been reunited with his own superhero – the man whose bone marrow helped him save his life.

Rupert Cross, who was diagnosed with the disorder four years ago, was subjected to a series of chemotherapy when he found a match, the BBC reported.

However, in a twist of the heart, it turned out that Billy Higgins, who helped save the boy's life, enrolled in the bone marrow registry after seeing a woman he liked in the queue.

Since then she has become his wife.

Rupert said about the meeting with Mr. Higgins: "I feel very lucky and I can not believe anyone would do that for me."

"I'll take that," Higgins laughed.

Rupert has since made a full recovery.

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