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Arrest warrant Obert Mpofu was canceled – Nehanda Radio


By Mashudu Netsianda

THE RESPONSE OF FORMAL SECURITY AGAINST THE FORMER MINISTER FOR HOME AFFAIRS AND CULTURE Obert Mpofu because he did not attend the tribunal to testify in a case where Felix Ndiweni and his 13 subjects are accused of destroying the property of a villager, has been canceled.

Obert Mpofu
Obert Mpofu

The applicant, Mr Fetti Mbele of Ntabazinduna, was exiled from the village by his boss, after his wife, Mrs. Nonkangelo Mpengesi, was allegedly caught getting sex with another villager.

Head of Ndiweni last July decided that Mr Mbele and his wife "adultery" should be banished from the village of Sifelani, saying that "prostitution" would not be tolerated in its area.

Niuweni's lawyer, Dumitru Dube, at the beginning of this year, asked the court to demand Mpofu's mandate to testify in court after the traditional leader's assertion that Zanu-PF's secretary of administration was behind the arrest and influenced Mr Mbele to file criminal charges against them.

However, Dr. Mpofu, through a written statement dated July 6, who was brought to court by his lawyer, Mr Byron Sengweni, refused to testify that he did not know anything about this matter.

Mr Dube, who represents the accused, then sought a court order in which Mpofu was obliged to attend the court, after which she was summoned to summon.

When Dr. Mpofu did not come to court, an arrest warrant was issued against him two weeks ago.

Bulawayo magistrate Nyaradzo Ringisai canceled his arrest warrant against Mpofu and will appear in court on November 19 to give his testimony.

On the day that Mpofu was scheduled to testify, he was reported to Esigodini, preparing for the upcoming Zanu-PF National People's Conference in December.

When Mpofu did not appear, the state subsequently asked the court to issue an arrest warrant.

Chief Ndiweni told the court that the allegations he had made came from Mpofu's efforts to fix him after he had filed criminal charges against him, claiming he had stolen his late father, 200 Khayisa chief bovine.

Head of Ndiweni said he reported the theft to Mbembesi police station, but Mpofu, who was then Minister for Home Affairs and Culture, would have facilitated the disappearance of the case.

Mpofu has since filed a $ 300,000 trial against Chief Ndiweni in connection with the allegations and the matter is awaiting.

Head of Ndiweni and 22 people denied the accusations of violence against them by Mr Mbele.

The court heard that on July 26 last year, at 4:00, Mbele and his wife arrived from Bulawayo to find some villagers outside their household.

Kimpton Sibanda (72), a village chief and two other villagers, said they had been ordered by Ndiweni to destroy the fence of Mbele's garden and his kral.

Sibanda would have instructed the villagers to destroy the fence and Kraal. At 5:00, Ndiweni's boss arrived and asked the villagers to continue to destroy the fence of Mr Mbele and Mr Kraal.

The order followed Mr. Mbele's alleged defamation of Ndweni's chief's verdict of divorcing his wife.

Head of Ndiweni said Mr Mbele's wife should free her husband's house, but she did not respect the order because she solved the problem as a couple, causing the boss to order the destruction of his fence and his kraal. Chronicle

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