Saturday , February 27 2021

Chimurenga Guru "MUKANYA" returned in this DECEMBER

Mukanya is back

Son of the earth!

American artist Chimurenga, Thomas Mapfumo, will be launched next month in Zimbabwe, which will include future artists.

In an interview, Chimurenga Music Company, Blessing Vava, said the internationally acclaimed musician will perform in eight cities and cities across the country.

The first show called "Peace Tour 2018" will take place in the Midlands capital, Gweru followed by Bulawayo.

"We will organize eight peace tours across the country. The first show will take place in Gweru, while Bulawayo will host the second Bira," Vava said.

After the two cities, the tour will watch the Mapfumo program in Beitbridge Masvingo and the Victoria Falls resort.

Vava said that Mukanya, as known to her fans, will be supported by future artists from those cities.

"We will target future artists from host cities and cities to perform with Mudhara (Mapfumo), so we are promoting young artists," Vava said.

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