Sunday , January 24 2021

Facebook takes TikTok's new Lasso video

First, they came for Snapchat. Now, I come for TikTok.

They, of course, being Facebook, launched Lasso, according to an Engadget report. It's a new app for short adolescent videos.

The move comes after Facebook has already taken Snapchat with the debut of stories, photos and videos that appear 24 hours on the profile of a Facebook user and Instagram. The stories were the ones that put Snapchat apart besides the missing messages.

Now, TikTok assumes the role of an emerging application of choice for younger users, a demographic that moves away from Facebook. TikTok offers short videos with music, stickers, filters and other special effects. Lasso operates similarly, but as part of the Facebook family, it also integrates with the parent company's website and Instagram. You can already post the Lasso post-video on Facebook stories, and Verge reported, the same capacity will come to the stories Instagram.

Lasso released this week on iOS and Android without much attention. There was no posted Facebook ad, since similar changes are typical.

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