Saturday , October 1 2022

Fortnite has 60 fps support on iOS


Epic Games released an update for Fortnite for iOS, which added the option to run the game at 60 frames per second. This option is currently only available on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

Earlier, Fortnite was limited to running at either 30fps or 20fps per cell. The frame rate option can be found in the same place as before, except that it now goes up to 60 points.

Interesting to note here is that the 60fps option is available in all graphic presets. In comparison, PUBG allows the 60 fps option only on the smallest graphics setting.

However, it seems it could be for good reason. We tested Fortnite on the iPhone XR at three preset, low, medium and high settings (the epic is not available). I first started the game setting and, anticipated, the game looks very nice, especially with the frame rate of 60 fps. Just by blowing the eyes, it looks like the game has hit the target of 60fps at this preset, and everything seemed good at first.

Then things started to warm up and I mean literally. The iPhone XR gets incredibly hot while running Fortnite, which, after a few minutes of play, makes the chipset accelerate and lose cadre rate. After that, it seemed that the frame rate returned to almost 30 fps, most of the time.

The downfall to the middle level has solved this problem. The phone is still hot, but it lacks the target speed of 60 frames per second. The drop in the drop led to a cooler phone being launched and the target frame rate again.

This is different from PUBG. For starters, the iPhone XR does not heat at all while running PUBG, regardless of preset or frame rate. Second, PUBG lets you play only at 60 fps on the smallest preset so you do not start charging too much. Finally, PUBG keeps the playback resolution the same in all graphics presets, while Fortnite decreases the resolution to medium compared to the high settings, while actually decreasing as Minecraft.

From my experience, it's better to stick to the average presets if you want to play in 60fps on these devices because it's the most balanced performance and visual quality. I hope that Epic games will further optimize the game because this device's heating level is unacceptable for a game that looks as simplistic as Fortnite. Not to mention, it tends to burn through your battery.

That being said, the 60fps option is a literal game changer. With a higher frame rate, there is a low input latency, which translates into a direct competitive advantage. Owners XS, XS Max and XR now have a real edge over other iPhone owners and Android users. You'll get even more fluidity in the Switch version, as the Nintendo console runs just Fortnite at 30fps, although it has physical controls to do it.

So a good upgrade in terms of game performance, but certainly needs more optimization to reduce energy consumption and heating. As for an Android update, no word about it yet.

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