Monday , September 26 2022

Hints were looking for the decline in whale watching in Hawaii. | Life, life


Researchers meet this week to compare clues about the significant decrease in Pacific Northwest Whale Observation Observations in their traditional Hawaiian breeding sites.

The apparent disappearance of many whales from a historically predictable location is of concern, and some researchers consider that there is a connection between the warmer temperatures of the Alaska oceans and the effect they have had on the whale food chain.

The decrease in observations is estimated at 50% to 80% over the last four years.

Around the whales, around 11,000 people make a round trip of 9,700 kilometers per year.

Marc Lammers, research coordinator for the Hawaiian Hawks' Islands Humpback Whale National Sanctuary Marine, said various research groups have collected sets of different data that all seem to indicate towards low whale descendants.

Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui, which conducts research in parallel with commercial whaling operations, also pursued the decline and reported a clear trend towards discovery of the areas considered to be among the most productive cocks breeding areas in the world .

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