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Ipsidy, the Ayonix Up team on chip-based biometric access control


"… companies have said their solution will provide a powerful blend of technology that delivers on-site operator and security staff tools for managing cutting-edge biometric access with minimal capital investment"

Ipsidy joined the Ayonix Face Technologies team to integrate the latter's biometric technology into the Access by Ipsidy security platform.Ipsidy, the Ayonix Up team on chip-based biometric access control

Collaboration aims to develop a security access and security solution that revolves around biometric surveillance through IP cameras. Ayonix's FaceID software will be used to scan video streams, and people identified by the system will be matched with the "Authorized", "Unknown" and "Track" lists defined by client organizations implementing the solution.

Collaboration is just beginning, and Ipsidy and Ayonix have signed an agreement on the Terms Summary. Companies say they expect to launch the combined solution early next year.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, companies said their solution would provide "a powerful mix of technology that provides top site biometric access management tools with minimal capital investment to site assistants and security staff."

Ayonix and Ipsidy will be exhibiting together at the ISC East Security Exhibition next week, where they will show demonstrations of their combined technology. The event takes place from 14 to 15 November in New York City.

November 7, 2018 – by Alex Perala

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