Saturday , March 6 2021

José Mourinho urges Manchester United to go with City in derby | Football

José Mourinho wants Manchester United to fight for Manchester City in the Sunday derby.

United have 9 points behind Premier League leaders after 11 matches as they travel to the Etihad stadium. Mourinho's team enjoyed a good week after winning at Bournemouth and Juventus, while last month he attracted Chelsea after leading up to the closing times.

Mourinho asked whether the desire was to go toe-to-toe with Pep Guardiola's team, he said, "We will try. I can not say that we will be successful in our motivations, in our wish, but we have played two different matches against two very good teams – Chelsea and Juventus – and we managed to get good results.

"And even if the good results were not in our pockets the shows were there, the positive attitude was there, so we will try but Manchester City are a very strong team."

Mourinho refused to appeal to the alleged violations of the FFP rules by the city but praised their football operation.

"It is difficult for me to answer, because I focus on my job, I focus on the four lines [pitch], concentrate on football. If you want to talk about their potential for football, we can talk, and the potential of football starts with investment, after which, of course, there is a quality of work, of the organization – I think it is untouchable.

"But what is behind can not say, but at this point I just have to think about football and think about football is to think of Manchester City as a football team there."

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Romelu Lukaku may be available again after a chicken injury injury. Mourinho said: "Lukaku is training with this team [Friday] morning. If his answer is positive – and of course we have another sitting tomorrow – he is ready. "

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