Saturday , May 28 2022

Kingdom Hearts 3 & # 39; Goes Gold with Trailer Extended as the Release Date Approaches


The Angel of the Kingdom 3 has officially entered gold and Square Enix celebrates the opportunity with the launch of an extensive trailer. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed the clip and Twitter news on Tuesday morning.

"I am proud to reveal an extended version of the trailer that has played in NA cinemas," Nomura wrote officially hearts of the kingdom Twitter, "And guess what? We finished development The Angel of the Kingdom 3! If you have not had the chance yet, it would be a good time to prepare yourself by playing 1.5 + 2.5 and 2.8. "He also tells fans he will see next month.

Trailer is more or less a super-superlative of the movie that has already been revealed at E3 and other events. However, it's great to see everything edited alongside an epic orchestral edition and cinematic laws. The video opens with Heartless attacking Mount Olympus and moves to San Fransokyo, The Darkness World, Arendelle, Port Royal, Andy's Bedroom, and Queen of Corona. In other words, movies like Hercules. The great hero 6. Frozen. Pirates of the Caribbean. The story of the toys and Tangled are part of the final list of the game. We also see short cameos from conventions such as Ariel and Wreck-It Ralph.

The angel of the heart 3 sister goes gold We know Sister, and we're happy. "The hearts of kingdom 3" became gold. Enix Square

For fans, however, the most interesting part of this tweet is not re-packing old records. It's like now, more than five years after its E3 announcement, this long-term development game is finally completed. The Angel of the Kingdom 3The nebulous launch date has long been the joke of jokes from gamers everywhere, but given today's news, it is increasingly likely that the target announced on Jan. 29 is actually taking place. At this moment, all that remains for Nomura and his team to do is Polish is a more finished product.

Of course, a retail version of a The Angel of the Kingdom 3 does not exclude the possibility of future DLCs, patches or additional assets. Especially for Square Enix, strong support for post-launch Final Fantasy XVthere are probably more The Angel of the Kingdom 3 content in the pipe even after the game hit store shelves.

Regarding the fact that "we'll see you next month," or the best assumption is that Square Enix intends to unveil a final trailer, possibly during the Geoff Keighley Prize Games on Dec. 6. If not there, the developer will probably have another revelation of his own. Maybe there is a last world not yet known? It's a possibility.

The Angel of the Kingdom 3 comes to PS4 and Xbox One January 29.

You are surprised to find out this The Angel of the Kingdom 3 did the gold pass? What are your thoughts on the new trailer? Tell us in the comments section!

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