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Kylian Mbappe has dropped out of Paris Saint-Germain salary?


Teenage feeling Kylian Mbappe wrote many positive titles on the field but a new one Soccer escapes the apparent report shows another part of the young man, including the details of his salary in Paris Saint-Germain and other scandalous claims.

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At the age of 19, he is currently the main goal in the most important five leagues in Europe after becoming one of the youngest players ever to win the FIFA World Cup four months ago.

He was often presented as being very humble, and Time the magazine recently put it on its cover as one of the "next-generation leaders". However, the German publication Der Spiegel has now shown another part of the steadily growing superstar.

Documents from the alert platform Soccer escapes, which was revised by the German publication together with its partners in the European Investigation Coalition (EIC), shows that he signed for Real Madrid almost in 2017 but opted for PSG because his father, Wilfried Mbappe, was worried about Los Blancos.

The French giants paid 180 million euros (R2.9 billion) to the young after an initial one-year loan transaction and also gave their salary requests, which made the player 18 years old, in France.

"In mid-August 2017, Kylian and Wilfrid Mbappe met with sports director PSG Antero Henrique, who asked for a total of 55 million euros (R894 million): 5 million for signing bonus and 50 million euro for R812 million) salary during the five-year contract Net, " Der Spiegel reported.

This is calculated up to an annual salary of € 10 million (€ 163 million) after the deduction, which is 20 times the amount she earned at Monaco at that time.

However, the French side also rejected a series of scandalous requests from Mbappe and his representatives, who are believed to have asked a private plane to be available to the player for 50 hours a year.

Another demand was to automatically become the best-paid PSG salary player ever winning the coveted Ballon d 'Or – meaning he would win more than Neymar, who is currently the second best paid player in football with an annual salary reported after deduction but excluding sponsorship contracts) amounting to EUR 36 million (R585 million).

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Mbappe's family also demanded monetary compensation if PSG were banned from the Champions League because of fair financial sanctions and that father would be allowed to carry out additional training sessions with his son at PSG headquarters.

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