Monday , September 26 2022

Minecraft: Story Mode comes from Netflix as a series of choose-you-have-adventure


After a series of delays and the closure of Telltale Games developers, Minecraft's episodic title: Story Mode finally came to Netflix as an interactive series of choice-your-adventure.

Calling the Netflix version of Story mode to a "game" is a bit of an inappropriate name. Unlike console version, in fact, you do not interact with the world around you or even control where Jesse, the main character, is heading; Instead, it plays more like a movie that gives you an occasional list of options to guide the story along. You can decide where to go when Reuben breaks out or what to do with Petra, but besides, it's a largely passive experience.

There are currently three episodes available along with a short introductory episode with Petra guiding you through the storytelling mechanics, but Minecraft: Story Mode is scheduled for five episodes on Netflix in total, with no word about seeing the second season as on console counterparts.

For now, Minecraft: Story can be played on Netflix using iOS devices, smart TVs, computers, and game consoles with Android device support that they do not know yet, but are expected to appear soon.

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