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November 26, 2018 • Mobile and Telecommunications

Mobile is no longer inferior to the Wifi study

Mobile is no longer inferior to the Wifi study

5G will accelerate the advantage of mobile technology due to the pace of mobile innovation and dependence on Wifi network experience in terms of the quality of fixed network broadband deployments that are slow and expensive to upgrade to FTTP.

There is a long-standing presumption to the industry that Wifi is better than mobile networks in almost all ways. As a result, since the arrival of the oldest iPhone and Android smartphones, about ten years ago, smartphones have routinely jumped to the closest known Wi-Fi connection, preferably using networks 2G, 3G or 4G mobile data.

OpenSignal, the mobile analysis company, recent research has shown that the mobile is no longer inferior Wifi in each
and the mobile industry has to change a number of design decisions as a result.

In 33 countries, smartphone users are now facing faster average download speeds, using a mobile network than Wifi, according to the OpenSignal mobile analysis.

The range of countries where mobility is quicker varies greatly from richer countries, such as Australia, where the benefit of mobile use was highest at the speed of 13 Mbps smartphone users higher than Wifi and France (+ 2.5 Mbps), for example: Qatar (+ 11.Mbps); Turkey (+ 7.3 Mbps); Mexico (+ 1.5 Mbps) and South Africa (+ 5.7 Mbps).

In three highly developed regions – Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States – mobile experience is on a global scale and is significantly underperforming compared to the Wifi download experience of smartphone users with a mobile experience of less than -38.6Mbps , -34Mbps and -25Mbps.

Time spent on smartphones connected to Wifi has no significant correlation with users who record faster Wifi speeds compared to mobile phones because smart phones will automatically connect to known Wifi networks without including speed as a factor in their decision .

Ten years ago, Wifi was faster than mobile almost all the time, it was cheaper and much larger.

As the 5G arrives, the mobile industry needs to change a number of design decisions as a result. Mobile phone operators and smartphone manufacturers also need to reassess their Wifi strategies, particularly with regard to mobile downloading, automatic network selection and in-car coverage to avoid accidental pushing of smartphones to consumers on a Wifi network that offers a weaker experience than their mobile network.

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