Sunday , April 2 2023

Now there is financial stability at Zifa: Machana



Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Main Sports Reporter
BENEFICIARY Member of the Zifa Executive Committee, responsible for finance, Philemon Machana says he has brought financial stability in combination with strict internal controls, who saw that the association only eats what they would have killed.

Machana, who is looking for a mandate to continue on the executive committee, said the days when people were entitled to plow the minor resources of the game, while those who should benefit employees and players remain stuck.

Machana will stop another five aspiring candidates, Sugar Chagonda, Chamu Chiwanza, Barry Manandi, Stanley Chapeta and Bryton Malandule for the four positions.

"Zifa has been stabilized, there is now a financial discipline and internal controls have been strengthened to protect the funds and assets of the association." Salaries are now paid on time, and employees now concentrate on work not on Madhyrians Audited accounts are produced every year "FIFA funding has returned after the systems return to FA, we eat what we kill and we strive to live in our means." The days of loose robberies have long gone, focusing on transparency and accountability, "Machana said.

He said he brought a certain degree of professionalism to the association's finances and administration and praised the counselors, the association's presidency, the government, football administrators and technical teams, the public support and football support family, partner corporations and professional football players for their support unwavering that they have given over the past two years.

"We have learned a lot and the next level if it is now chosen to move to more local, junior and female football investments." Infrastructure development will also be another area of ​​interest. I still want to play a role. I will push Zifa to release Fifa funds to all affiliates for their development programs, and in the annual general meeting of December 1, I will push for a resolution that all those affiliates who have the association's duty as regards remarkable debt affiliation fees have been removed to allow them to start on clean art, which will allow them to receive these development funds now because they will now be clean and in good condition, "Machana said.

The run-up to the Zifa elections gave rise to the disqualification of presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Felton Kamambo and Gift Banda, as well as Mlungisi Moyo, who wanted to run as a member of the committee.

The trio was disqualified, among other reasons, in the absence of integrity tests, and by being wrongly nominated.

Article 10 of the Zifa Constitution defines who Zifa members are. These include "PSL clubs and Article 12 then stipulates their rights and says" to nominate candidates for all Zifa's organs to be chosen. "

Article 38.3 states that only Zifa members can nominate candidates for the presidency. A PSL governor is not a member of Zifa, a club that is a member, so nominees must indicate which club they have represented.

It is said that the trio was nominated by someone who said he was a PSL governor, but he did not name the club he represented.

"Actually, it could have been anyone, the law does not act on hypotheses," said an observer.

Electoral Code Article 6 mandates the committee to strictly apply the statutes of Fifa, Caf and Zifa. The new article stipulates that the eligibility criteria must comply with the FIFA regulations and the FIFA governing regulations talk about integrity checks that are also found in the FIFA code.

If an association does not have an ethics committee, then it can use an independent institution to do the integrity test. Zifa brought the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Committee on board to carry out the integrity test.

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