Tuesday , June 28 2022

One month with Apple iPhone XR: Long battery life, solid room and fun colors


My Apple iPhone XR arrived on October 26th through the T-Mobile Jump On Demand program, see my full review and after a few days I thought I would keep it for the 30 days required and jump to the iPhone XS from when I loved the X Factor iPhone. It seems that iPhone XR can be a perfect iOS device for me and I have no plans to visit T-Mobile to disable it.

The XS XS XS did not impress me and was returned after a week of use. This device was too big and did not offer anything over the smaller X / XS iPhone. The iPhone XR proves to be compromised in a few areas, while excelling in the couple. I enjoyed it so much in the last month that it jumped in a few segments in the top ten smartphone last week.

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Since the iPhone XR is $ 250 and $ 350 less than the iPhone XS and XS Max respectively, they are bound to be the areas where it is behind these two devices. These areas include:

  • Display and resolution technology: XS XS and XS Max have OLED screens with a high resolution of 458 ppi. The iPhone XR uses Super LCD with 326 ppi and slightly larger frames around the display.
  • Cellular reception: XS XS and XS Max have Gigabit-class LTE with 4×4 MIMO while the iPhone XR has LTE Advanced with 2×2 MIMO. Testing shows that iPhone XR has a less reliable signal in areas with poor cellular coverage.
  • Touch 3D: The iPhone XR does not support Touch 3D, but it has limited support for haptic touch and hold. This haptic support extends to many applications in the future.
  • Dust / water resistance: XS XS and XS Max are rated IP68, while the iPhone XR is rated IP67. This probably does not mean anything to the masses, and since Apple does not cover the damages caused by water under warranty, it is anyway a point of interest.
  • Secondary back room: The main rear and front rooms are the same for all three new iPhone, but the iPhone XR does not have a rear telephoto lens. You can always buy the new Moment Tele 58mm lens and benefit from an enhanced telephoto experience for a price that is lower than the high cost of iPhone XS or XS Max.


You might not have expected to see that iPhone XR actually beats iPhone XS and XS Max in a few areas, but if they are important to you then you may want to choose XR.

  • Price: The basic iPhone XR model is $ 250 less than the iPhone's basic XS model and $ 350 less than the XS XS Max. Over a 24-month payment plan, which is $ 10.42 to $ 14.58 a month less for iPhone XR.
  • Battery life: It might have expected the XS XS XS to be the biggest battery life champion, but the lower resolution screen seems to offer the iPhone XR lead over the battery life of these three new iPhone. For example, for the use of the internet, Apple misses the XS XS Max at 13 hours, the XS at 12 hours and the iPhone XR at 15 hours.
  • Medium storage option: All three new iPhone starts with a 64GB internal memory, but it feels a bit too small. While XS and XS Max jump up to 256 GB for another 150 dollars, the iPhone XR is available with 128 GB of storage for just $ 50 more. 128 GB is the best value and gives you a storage capacity that can meet the needs of the mass.
  • colors: XS and XS Max are available in silver, gray and gold. The iPhone XR is available in white, black, blue, yellow, coral and RED Product. It's great to see such a large selection of colors and it's still possible that XS and XS Max will appear later in Product RED, which is typical for Apple.

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For me personally, the improvements outweigh the compromises, and iPhone XR is my favorite of the three new iPhone launched at the end of 2018. I bought the coral when I am an orange fan and I am pleased with my selection. I thought T-Mobile was going to go yellow, as I like that color, but I did not make that choice yet.

The main reasons I like the best iPhone XR are battery life, lower price and 128GB storage option.

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