Monday , June 27 2022

Sharp Rise in suicide cases at Worrisome Tertiary Learning Institutions ⋆ Pindula News


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It is a major concern over the growing number of students who commit suicide in higher education. There are reports that 4 students have so far taken in their lives at different higher education institutions. A psychiatrist, Sacrifice Chirisa, had to say about suicides at colleges and universities

Suicide is associated with self-blame, lack of value and lack of hope. When there is a lack of hope, suicide is seen as a way to get rid of a situation that you can not tolerate.

University students are under enormous pressure from parents, lecturers, colleagues and the community. Some people are still young and for the first time they are independent, so they are under too much pressure.

A social commentator, Rebecca Chisamba, stressed the importance of counseling. Speaking at the Daily News, Chişamba said

I do not know what is happening today with our children. They behave like Judas Iscariot in the Bible. However, we should make them understand that, regardless of the problems they face, suicide is not the way out. They should talk about their problems.

Counseling is very strong. The country is going very far today and many people face different challenges. We should maintain ourselves and be strong, because all this will happen. Also, our children should understand, committing suicide is mean and selfish. Their parents work hard to give them a better life and cut it short so.

Before you think about committing suicide to think about your family, your friends and your country as a whole. They will be traumatized. No one has to commit suicide … Each problem has a solution that does not commit suicide … We invite universities to strengthen their counseling programs and as parents, we should encourage our children to go for counseling.

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May Chisamba, whose full name is Rebecca Chisamba, is the creator and host of Mai Chisamba Show. She is best known for her creative language Shona vernacular, addressing her TV audience and studio during the show. The talk show is running … Read more about Rebecca Chisamba

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