Tuesday , January 31 2023

South Africa "confident" Mnangagwa government will "solve the situation"


South Africa's International Relations and Cooperation Department (Dirco) is "convinced that measures taken by the Zimbabwean government will solve the situation," while protests over fuel prices continue.

Consultations took place between diplomats and the government of the SA "monitored the situation," Ndivhuwo Mabaya spokesperson said in a statement Tuesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, a Zimbabwe military helicopter drew tear gas to demonstrators in the capital on the second day of deadly protests, AP reported.

This comes after the government doubled the weekend fuel price, announcing a price of $ 3.11 (R42.96) per liter for diesel and $ 3.33 (R45.97) per liter for gasoline.

The increase has led to the nation's biggest protest last year's post-election violence.

Social media platforms have been disabled, AP reported, while businesses and schools have been shut down.

Public transport has also stopped in most countries.

Five people were killed in Monday's protests, during which security forces triggered fire on the crowds, according to Zimbabwe's Association of Human Rights Physicians.

Another human rights group said 26 people were injured and some were afraid to go to hospitals because of fear of arrest or attack, AP reported.

Meanwhile, the EFF, in a statement, said it "is expanding its solidarity" with the people of Zimbabwe.

"We call on the Zimbabwean Government to respond fully to these demonstrations, in particular condemning the military unleashing of citizens who exercise their right to protest," the party said.

"A democratic government knows too well that the military are not ordinary entities to respond to the protesting, armed and defenseless citizens. To unleash the army is to treat citizens as enemies of the state who must be faced with excessive violence, death, because the soldiers are condemned to death, only to be sent to those who are armed and jurors of the people. "

Militants should never be "used against protest actions and civil demonstrations," he said.

"The progressive international community celebrated its fall [former president Robert] Mugabe, hoping that the age of human rights abuses associated with his reign in Zimbabwe will end. the president [Emmerson] Mnangagwa is therefore in line with the Mugabe administration, violating the citizen's right to protest and civil disobedience. "

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