Thursday , June 24 2021

The government warns against protests to dismantle Mnangagwa

Minister for Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Cain Mathema issued a warning statement to politicians and civic organizations
against demonstrating a division of a

Mathema said the police were ordered to arrest demonstration organizers. Said Mathema:
"We are aware of the fact that there are some political leaders who are calling for a
constitutionally chosen
through demonstrations.
the government is fully aware of the fact that some
items that want to register
disappointing with the recently announced ad
economic austerity measures and whipping of public emotions to help selfish political efficiency.

Anyone who has discovered the instigation of violence, intimidating people who deal with their business, advocating illegal encounters, and influencing public officials to strike, will face the full wrath of the law. Law enforcement agencies will not hesitate to persuade the congressmen responsible for illegal encounters responsible for subsequent actions, including violence and
destruction of property in the country

especially the Central Business District "

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