Tuesday , January 31 2023

The man gets sick after learning that he has won the Super Lotto |


Jamaica, the newest super millionaire, said he was sick the day he learned he won the Super Lotto.

The man, A. Campbell, bought a $ 200 ticket with winning numbers 10, 14, 16, 25, 27 and Super Ball 05 for # 949 on November 23 last year at G & E Grocery on Omara Road, Kingston . He waited 54 days before finally advancing to claim his $ 158.4 million prize.

Campbell says lucky numbers have been derived from a dream, which is a common event for the Super Lotto player for a long time. I got the numbers from a dream. I do not remember the dream for this set of numbers because I have so many of them. I bought nine tickets for this draw. "

Campbell learned that he won during his regular Super Lotto ritual. I found out the same night. Normally, I would write the numbers from [televised] pull, eat and then go and check my numbers. "

But on the night of November 23, his ritual had a drastic turn.

"I looked at my ticket and ran into my bathroom and said," I won! I won! "From the day I found out that I won, I was sick. My head hurt me for three days, because I was thinking so much if what I wanted really happened to me. two weeks, sometimes I feel so much pain that I forgot that I won, "he chuckled.

Campbell, who bought religious tickets at Super Lotto since he was added to the SVL gaming list, says he was fully aware that the February 21 collection date of the jackpot was fast approaching.

"I was aware of the 90-day deadline, but I wanted to meet before I introduced it."

Now that he had over 54 days to think about how to spend the $ 158.4 million jackpot, Campbell says his priority is to buy a house,

"I want to get a house, I want to have a nice home. I have not found it yet, but I'll look for it soon.

He is also eyeing more investment options, so he can hold on once in a life jackpot for as long as possible,

"I like to take care of money, I do not ask, not a loan, so I look at things that can turn the money into. I have a small business, so I'm going to make myself bigger, to buy an apartment. I have money, "he said.

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