Friday , March 31 2023

The newest Google phone techniques bring to light the darkest secrets


Google has already taken the cameraphone technology to the next level with the initial offer of the 12.2 megapixel camera in Pixel 3. Now it has added amazing capabilities in low light situations that could have geeks of speed consider taking the ultimate jump Google.

Having a single iPhone in my life, (iPhone 4s), I was a dedicated user of Samsung Galaxy Note over the last five years. My Android affection started in '09 with HTC Hero, and I've never been able to overcome it. The Note Note that I'm sending today, Note 8, has everything I want now in a phone: a thin body, a huge screen, a fast-smoke processor, that little S-Pen for writing notes and drawing figures, and a perfect combination of great cameras that offer a f / 1.7 diaphragm and a 12 megapixel resolution that is almost the same as my first DSLR. However, in low light, without flash, the images in Note 8 are just ugly. From grain to color rendering, it seldom captures anything in the low light that I want to share with the world without hard changes in Photoshop Express, and I can not even save them all. That's why this video about the Google Pixel Nightwatch has caught my attention.

Obviously, Google has made the Pixel 3 camera so smart that it takes HDR Plus technology to a different level, and thus records all kinds of bright information in what it calls "metering motion," recording up to 15 frames or up every 6 seconds for each image. So, acting as a long exposure that forgives your moves, breaks all the information together into a picture that looks like you used a big light or a tripod when you did not have one.

Google Pixel 3 was extremely impressive in the room of the room, even without this addition, so this is really just the cherry over an already tempting treatment. Will this be enough to turn a speeding geek and a lover of 8 like me? Probably so.

Do you have any experience with Google Pixel 3 technology and Night Sight technology? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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