Tuesday , February 7 2023

Tottenham forecasts: Troy Parrott starts again with Arsenal in extra time in the FA Cup for youth


Josh Oluwayemi

He could not do too much with the first half of Arsenal and downed Cottrell to transfer the hosts a mid-level equalizer. However, he lowered himself to deny Amaechi shortly thereafter with a good low salvage. In extra-time, his main task was to pick the ball three times from his net. 5

Jubril Okedina

Good night for the young man despite the score, solid defense and he still blocked Arsenal's efforts deep into extra-time. 7

Brooklyn Lyons-Foster

A reasonable night from center-back before being retired in extra-time before the flood of goals. 6

Luis Binks

The back center played an extraordinary ball in Cirkin's pass in the construction of Spurs' second goal. He made a series of big interceptions. He also came in extra-time before the flurry of goals. 6

Dennis Cirkin

Left-back chose Maghoma in the good box for Tottenham's second goal. Always a threat when it's up. 7

Harvey White

The midfielder was caught in the game in the first half of Arsenal. It was not one of the most beautiful nights of a Tottenham T-shirt, but it will be a learning experience. 5

Jamie Bowden

Probably Spurs' best player in the second half of normal time, very calm and collected in possession of the ball, but even he could not quit the wave in extra-time. 7

Neil Bennett from Tottenham Hotspur is surrounded by Arsenal players during the fourth round of the Young Youth Cup between the two Borehamwood clubs.

Neil Bennett

The extreme did not hesitate to bury the shot for Tottenham's second. Always a downside threat has chosen Parrott for a great chance in the second half, which should have been eliminated. 7

Armando Shashoua

The small middle opened the score with a close finish, and Arsenal tried to keep it in the first half and created some chances for colleagues in the second, but fled extra-time steam with his colleagues. 7

Paris Maghoma

A promising display in the first half of the striker midfielder who was very confident in breaking the Arsenal passers-by in the last step. He sets Bennett's goal with great calm in the box but fought to make an impact as the second half wore in extra-time. 6

Troy Parrott

The 16-year-old hit the news this week and played well in front, held the ball and set Shashoua for the goal of opening the game with a good low pass. He had a shot blocked by a last emergency shot in the second half and sent a glorious opportunity from an excellent position in the Arsenal box not long after. He beat long before he was finished late in extra time. 7


Rayan Clarke

Launched to add a little push to play Spurs, but fought to turn the tide. 5

Malachi Walcott

He came to cover the defense, but he could not. 5

Chay Cooper

He came late in the extra-time. N / A

Maurizio Pochettino

Introduced in the final moments. N / A

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