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Trailer Live-Action "Dumbo" will break your heart even more than the animated Disney Classic – VIDEO


Disney surprised fans with a long trailer for Tim Burton Dumbo adaptation on November 15, and it's safe to say that life will never be the same again. New live action Dumbo tow will break your heart – but it will also put it back together. Disney has a way to do such things.

The Burton version of the 1941 Disney classic looks as melancholy as the original – if not more. But also simply it feels a little better for a reason. Maybe because audiences trust Burton not to squeeze his hearts in smithereens? Or get drunk a sweet baby elephant to the point of hallucination? (Some of us have not yet reached the "pink elephants", okay?)

Live action Dumbo combines real people and real sets with computer-generated images, but the trailer moves smoothly. It is extremely stylized, what Burton likes, and red, apron and cream and black in the color palette make circuses more apt. In addition, the film introduces two new characters – adorable, noble children – who will be Dumbo's greatest defenders. In the original, if you remember, his best friend is a cartoon mouse.

So please, break the tissues, breathe deeply and really watch the magical trailer Dumbo:

So much to unpack here. How the hell, Dumbo? And what about this mixture of human and elephant CGI actors that is so convincing? It feels real but unreal, which is undoubtedly because of Burton's rule – this is the same director who is responsible for Alice in Wonderland and Beetlejuice, after all these. It's also a little bleak, which makes sense. Dumbo is not an inherently happy story, and you surely get this from the way the plot is presented, but it is obvious especially in the difficult trumpet sound Dumbo makes as his mother is taken. And when you hear "Baby Mine" coming in the trailer, it's just instant chills. Can you embrace a feeling? Not? So before we all cry on the phone, let's continue!

As shown in this full length trailer, the distribution for Dumbo is totally stacked. Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, to name but a few, play important roles in the film, but it's really young actors Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins' time to shine. As Disney promises in the trailer, this live action Dumbo "Expands on the classic love story," so it's not a shot-for-shot remake. In the Burton version, "the differences are celebrated, the family is valued and dreams go." That means it's over, right? Because the clip in which I remove Dumbo into his sad clown makeup is haunted and certainly does not look like a happy afterward.


Dumbo will not be released until March 29, 2019, so it's still a few months away. On the brilliant side, leaving the audience with a a lot of preparation time. Dumbo, just like the oldest Disney ticket (and later Disney, and Disney's actual, and all Disney really), seems almost to have been written to emotionally destroy the audience. Moreover – and this part is hard to believe – the original movie is just over an hour. Why they blocked that 64-minute execution time with as many emotional turbulence is unclear. This movie will probably be much longer, so get ready for more than an emotional roller coaster.

Fortunately, it seems Burton is here to save his childhood memories Dumbo. Or at least, calm them down. But the most courageous filming there might want to bring the handkerchiefs with them the same way.

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