Thursday , June 8 2023

Williams & Raza Look at Rebuild


Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe, Test 1 in Sylhet, live results: Williams & Raza Look to Rebuild

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Preview:Bangladesh strives to increase its test record in the two-stage series against Zimbabwe despite the lack of big names Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal.

Bangladesh lost seven of the last eight tests and missed the 200 runs in the last six places. Mahmudullah Riyad will be handed over to the team in Shakib's absence and Mohammad Mithun's pen test will likely test his first match on Saturday.

Commentary (Zimbabwe-inning)

40.6 M Hasan for Raza, there is no run. 112/3

40.5 M for Hasan Williams, 1 race. 112/3

40.4 M Hasan Rába, 1 race. 111/3

40.3 M Hasan for Raza, there is no run. 110/3

40.2 M Hasan for Raza, there is no run. 110/3

40.1 M Hasan to Raza, Jump to the bomber, Sikandar protects the front leg. 110/3

Mehedi Hasan returned. The worst is the first spell. So far, 7-1-10-0.

39.6 Abu Jayed and Williams, The ball is too wide on the down side to have a hesitant relationship. 110/3

39.5 Abu Jayed Williams, The puppeteer backed his back. 110/3

39.4 To Abu Jayed Williams, From the outside, to go alone. 110/3

39.3 Abu Jayed, Williams, Full and Center, directed towards the middle. 110/3

39.2 Abu Jayed Williams, Full and around us, carefully locked. 110/3

39.1 Abu Jayed Williams, FOUR! A short sphere from the outside, Williams takes it in the middle and reaches the limit! 110/3

38.6 T Islam for Raza, Drifts in the middle stub, Raza is a front foot step for this. 106/3

38.5 T Islam for Raza, Drifts from outside from outside, the bettor does not offer a shot. 106/3

38.4 T Islam to Raza, Rearing back in the middle stub, Sikandar again defends his first leg. 106/3

38.3 T Islam to Raza, Sikandar defended his first leg. 106/3

38.2 T Islam to Raza, Give this little air, Raza to the covers. 106/3

38.1 T Islam to Williams, Flying Delivery at the Salon, Sean is in the middle. 106/3

37.6 Abu Jayed Raza, Outside, wide enough. It slipped out of his hand? Abu Jayed smiles. Left alone. 105/3

37.5 Abu Jayed Raza, The botanist defended him straight behind the line of delivery. 105/3

37.4 Abu Jayed's Shake, a sneer but low legged Raza duck. 105/3

37.3 Abu Jayed to Raza, Fully out, turning backwards, shifting to the middle. 105/3

37.2 Abu Jayed to Raza, Raza from outside from outside, Raza looks to force the neighbor's side but pulls the ball from below. 105/3

37.1 Abu Jayed Williams, full and from the outside, handed the cover to a single hand. 105/3

36.6 T Islam to S Williams, pulled up in the center stump, the left hand is centered and there will be one. 104/3

36.5 T Islam to Williams and leaning back on his back, Williams protects his back. 103/3

36.4 T Islam for S Raza. The shooter ran for one person. 103/3

36.3 T Islam to Williams, With a spiked tampon, Williams drives it to the cups but does not get the timing as the ball stops before the rope and gets three races. 102/3

36.2 T Islam to Williams, Disabled, the dump returns straight to the pickup. 99/3

36.1 T Islam to Williams, waving around his leg, Sean protects the front leg. 99/3

35.6 To Abu Jayed Raza, The whip of the bat's full guard defended his first leg. 99/3

35.5 Abu Jayed Williams, a short ball, this time a controlled pull in the middle wicket one. 99/3

35.4 Abu Jayed on Raza, the middle and the leg, flashed to another race. 98/3

35.3 Abu Jayed ran to the Raza, in the middle, in the middle of the ledge, in the middle. 97/3

35.2 Abu Jayed Williams, Bowled short, Williams looks to pull but is narrow to the room. The lower edge moves toward the fine leg. One recorded. 95/3

35.1 Abu Jayed Williams, to the middle length, retired to the bowler. 94/3

34.6 T Islam to Raza, Faster in the middle stub, Raza protects his hind legs. 94/3

34.5 T Islam on Raza, Rated on the Middle, Raza protects the front leg. 94/3

34.4 T Islam to S Raza, Sikandar pulled the ribbon up. 94/3

34.3 T Islam for Raza, Flying in the salon, Raza again protects the front leg. 94/3

34.2 T Islam to the Raza, re-pulled on the trunk, protected on the front leg. 94/3

34.1 T Islam to S Raza, Centered to the Middle, Raza plays towards the bowler. 94/3

33.6 Abu Jayed Williams, Outside off, leaving alone. 94/3

33.5 Abu Jayed Williams, FOUR! Outside, Williams flips over and finds the gap on the cover. 94/3

33.4 Abu Jayed Williams, the middle and the lower leg, through the leg at a toe. 90/3

33.3 Abu Jayed Williams, The Batsman played the point. 88/3

33.2 Abu Jayed Williams, The gunman leaves his arms on his shoulders to let it all. It was quite broad. 88/3

33.1 Abu Jayed Williams, Full and inside and out, pressed it straight to the lid. 88/3

32.6 T Islam to Raza, Full and around it, well-sealed. 88/3

32.5 T Islam to Raza, He defended the entire face of the bat from the first leg. 88/3

32.4 T Islam for Williams, the middle and the legs, for a run. 88/3

32.3 T Islam to Williams, The shooter snatched the ball from his back. Two sums were added to the total amount. 87/3

32.2 T Islam to Williams, The holes protect from the wrinkle. 85/3

32.1 T Islam to Williams, Full and Out Off, Williams looks to defend but with a thick inner edge toward the foot of the square. 85/3

Sikandar Raza goes to number 5 and replaces the captain.

31.6 Abu Jayed for Masakada, OUT! LBW! Jayed handed it over to the captain. The sky clouded and the scanner used the ball. Good length in the middle stub, the captain gets the pillows while trying to defend it but gets the cushions. The bowler is about LBW and the referee. Masakada had a long conversation with Williams and finally decided to go. Hawk Eye shows you dead shotgun. Great sidewalk in Bangladesh after the break. 85/3

31.5 Abu Jayed Masakadza, Long Shot Mid Shot, Masakadza Protects His First Foot. 85/2

31.4 Abu Jayed to the Massacre, again at the bottom, the captain defends his first leg. 85/2

31.3 Abu Jayed in Masakada, full of pillows, the captain touches the pillows again. There is a huge appeal for LBW, but the decider turns it down. 85/2

31.2 Abu Jayed to the Massacre, Long Delivery on Cushions, Captain hits the balls and gets behind the goalkeeper. 85/2

31.1 Abu Jayed to the Massacre, Hamilton starts with a long palm, Hamilton defends his first leg. 85/2

Bangladesh has been a clinical one so far. They did nothing extraordinary, they insisted on the basics and allowed the track to do the rest. However, partnerships can disrupt them. They will know that anything nearly 300 on the surface will be tricky. Join back to local 1240 (0640 GMT) for the second session.

Finally, a milestone for the captain. He was trying to reach the 1920s, but he had been looking at complex and knock-on mixes. He started strong, but in the middle he was a little careless. He went some nervous moments but managed to survive. So far, during his brief stay, Williams looked good.

Shared opening session. Bangladesh threatened to crash into the collision, but Zimbabwe had all done so to make sure they did not lose more than 2 flights. Chari's dismissal was a wild strike, while Taylor was a great catch. But the seeds of these wickets were tainted and disciplined by bowling.

30.6 N Is Islam to Williams, Out of the Outbound Thread, Sean reaches the cover. TICKET on day 1. 85/2

30.5 N Is Islam to Williams, faster than the cascade, Williams reaches the point. 85/2

30.4 Is Islam to Williams, Drifts on pillows, Sean moves behind the square feet. 85/2

30.3 Is Islam the H Masakadza, Flying delivery off off a chip, Masakadza drives towards its coverings single. 85/2

30.2 N Is Islam to Masakadza, Riding again with the bass, the captain leads to a short cover. 84/2

30.1 N Is Islam to Masakadza, centered on Hamilton to the bowler. 84/2

29.6 Abu Jayed H to Masakadza, directed to the center of the region. They took a unit. 84/2

29.5 Abu Jayed and Masakada, Now go to the other side and keep the ball in the middle. 83/2

29.4 Abu Jayed's Masakadza, Fuller centered, centered. 83/2

29.3 Abu Jayed to the Massacre, The shooter played down from the first leg and the ground. 83/2

29.2 Abu Jayed to Masakada, Outside, Covering the Cover. 83/2

29.1 Abu Jayed for H Masakada, FOUR! FANTASTIC! What a way for half a century! Hamilton looks up to the sky. The limited thresholds will fight him and he will be happy to reach the 20-fold fight, though in some other form. Eighth in test cricket. Fully and externally down, Masakadza extends the middle and the boundary. 83/2

Abu Jayed came back after changing his end. So far, 5-1-16-0.

28.6 N Is Islam is a Masakada, Flying Shipment in the Middle Ages, Captain leads a long run. 79/2

28.5 N Is Islam to Williams, going outward, Sean gets the cover. 78/2

28.4 Islami Masakadza, Drifts on pillows, Hamilton behind a square foot. 77/2

28.3 N Is Islam is Masakadza, Drifts is off cump, Masakadza defends his first leg. 76/2

28.2 N Is Islam is the Masakada, raising the midfielder, Hamilton defends his first leg. 76/2

28.1 Islam to H Masakada, Short and flat outside, the captain cut to a third person and gets a few. 76/2

Here comes the debut. Nazmul Islam introduced. How far are we from the Cobra dance?

27.6 M Hasan Williams, Short and a little flat, from the outside to the lid. 74/2

27.5 M to Hasan Williams, he goes back and descends to the other side. 74/2

27.4 M to Hasan Williams, The bat defended the full face of the bat from the front leg. 74/2

27.3 M Hasan Williams, full and straight, carefully guarded. 74/2

27.2 M Hasan directed S Williams towards the center of the region. 74/2

27.1 M Hasan for Masakadza, Fully in the middle, in the long run for one person. 74/2

26.6 T Islam to Masakadza, Pulled Down, Longer to Another. 73/2

26.5 T Islam to Williams, Take your pillow for a run. 72/2

26.4 T Islam to Williams, full and straight, pulled back to the bowler. 71/2

26.3 T Islam to Williams, On the pillows, slipping, Williams paused for a few days. 71/2

26.2 T Islam to Williams, Arm Ball, right outside, firmly locked. 69/2

26.1 T Islam to the Massacre, Full and Outside, Masakadza wants to drive, but the ball drifts, inserts its inner edge and moves towards the rectangle. 69/2

25.6 M Hasan to S Williams. It breaks the tape, Sean cut, but does not throw it off the middle of the bat. The ball took its lower edge and went back to the bowler. 68/2

25.5 M to Hasan Williams, A similar ball, retreating to the bowler. 68/2

25.4 M Hasan to Williams, Drifts on Off Cump, Dumper Protects His First Foot. 68/2

25.3 M Hasan for H Massacre, Hamilton hits the thread in the long run and becomes single. 68/2

25.2 M Hasan to Williams, Drifts on his pillow, Williams pulls to the leg and becomes single. 67/2

25.1 M to Hasan Williams, Drifts slipped from outside, Sean carefully guarded. 66/2

24.6 T Islam for the Massacre, FOUR! Fine sweep shot. He pulled out, Masakadza vanishes, reaches the ball and reaches the ball. 66/2

24.5 T Islam to Masakada, The botanist defended that he was behind the line of shipment. 62/2

24.4 T Islam to H Masakadza, DIRECTLY! Masakadza lives dangerously here. Fully and rounded, the captain comes on the track, looks to get out, but the ball hits the inside edge, hits the pillows, then retracts. You just miss the leg! 62/2

24.3 T Islam to the Massacre, A brief touch, back to Taijul. 62/2

24.2 T Islam to the Massacre, Very full, from the outside, retreating to the bowler. 62/2

24.1 T Islam to Masakadza, Pulled out, Masakadza tries to drive, but the ball returns and moves towards the inner side. 62/2

23.6 M Hasan to Williams, lowering the tape, Sean protects the front leg. 62/2

23.5 M Hasan for Williams, Flat off off tampons, the slope slides down to the points and two runs. 62/2

23.4 M Hasan Williams, Drifts again on the pedalo, Williams defends his first leg. 60/2

23.3 M Hasan Williams, Drifts to the batsman, Sean protects his first leg. 60/2

23.2 M Hasan to the Massacre, Hamilton threw it in the center of the edges and started a single shot. 60/2

23.1 M Hasan Masakadza, Fully and Outside Down, Masakadza descends behind the track and pulls it back to the gymnast. 59/2

22.6 T Islam to Williams, Another quicker delivery to the end, Williams discouraged it. 59/2

22.5 T Islam to Williams, Fully and Surrounded, Carefully Protected. 59/2

22.4 T Islam for the Massacre, NEARLY THE CREAM! Expectation from Liton Das. Fully and centrally, Masakadza descends on the paddle, and Das is trying to get a brilliant dive from the first slip to the ball. But he can not catch the catch. One recorded. 59/2

22.3 T Islam to Massacre, Outside, Another Press. 58/2

22.2 T Islam to the Massacre, Fully and Surrounded, Carefully Protected Toward the Cover. 58/2

22.1 T Islam to H Masakada, Full Throw, Hamilton skips, centered. 58/2

21.6 M Hasan to Williams, Fully in the middle stub, the tilt straight to the bowler. 58/2

21.5 M to Hasan Williams, Outside off, Sean plays to the point region. 58/2

21.4 M Hasan to Williams, Shorter than the car, Williams cut it down but find cover. 58/2

21.3 M to Hasan Williams, he got off the line again, Sean defends his first leg. 58/2

21.2 M Hasan to Williams, He pulled the car, Williams cut, but he finds the fielder exactly. 58/2

21.1 M Hasan to S Williams, descended on the car, Williams leads to the short cover. 58/2

20.6 T Islam for the Massacre, Full and Straight, Pulling back to the Bowler. 58/2

20.5 T Islam to H Masakadza, It looks like you want to drive this, but the ball spins, enters the inner edge and crosses the middle. 58/2

20.4 T Islam to the Masakadza, Fully and rounded, Masakadza seems to drive but throws thick inner edges on his pillow. Quite loose. 58/2

20.3 T Islam to Williams, Returns and turns to a square foot. 58/2

20.2 T Islam to Williams, A similar ball, this time Williams moves forward and moves to the center. 57/2

20.1 T Islam to Williams, About, firmly protected. 57/2

19.6 M Hasan for the Massacre, With the stunt pulling, the captain protects the front leg. 57/2

19.5 M Hasan at Masakada, played in the middle district with brother. 57/2

19.4 M Hasan to the Massacre, Flying ship again at the salon, Masakadza protects her first leg. 57/2

19.3 M Hasan Masakada, Hamilton flew to the middle stern, defending the first leg. 57/2

19.2 M Hasan to Williams, Williams boarded the stub, Williams moves in the same direction. 57/2

19.1 M To Hasan Williams, The Batsman played it from the front leg and the ground. 56/2

18.6 T Islami Masakadza, Completely and only from the outside, cautiously played dumb point. 56/2

18.5 T Islam for the Massacre, FOUR! Commandment! Poor poor delivery. A long-hop hop, Masakadza goes back and pierces borders across borders. 56/2

18.4 T Islam to the Massacre, The arm bullet, rounded, gently excited. 52/2

18.3 T Islam to Masakadza, He went abroad, turned away, pulled away, quite stupid. 52/2

18.2 T Islam to the Massacre, Middle and Down, retreated to the bowler. 52/2

18.1 T Islam to the Massacre, in full and in the middle, towards the short extra cover. 52/2

17.6 M Hasan goes to Williams, drifts back to the middle, Williams defends his first leg. 52/2

17.5 M Hasan Williams, Drifting to Middle, Williams defends his first leg. 52/2

17.4 M Hasan was on the Massacre, Hamilton flew to the mid-stern flank of the rectangular leg deep backwards. 52/2

17.3 M Hasan Masakadza, The shooter protects the wrinkle. 51/2

17.2 M Hasan Masakadza, re-raised, Masakadza defends the front leg. 51/2

17.1 M Hasan Masakada, Hamilton carefully protects the middle stump. 51/2

16.6 T Islam to Williams, Fully and Outwardly Downward, Centered. Two wickets for Taijul above 8. Not a bad blow. 51/2

16.5 T Islam to Williams, His arm is very cunning, protected for the bowler. 51/2

16.4 T Islam to Williams, FOUR! AMAZING! It's a nice way to get out of the signal. Fully and externally down, Williams bends and crosses boundaries across borders. 50 UP FOR ZIMBABWE. 51/2

16.3 T Islam played for Williams, the middle and the lower limb, in the direction of a short mid-axis. 47/2

Sean Williams joins No. 4, instead of Taylor.

16.2 T Islam Taylor, OUT! The catch is legal! What a business from Nazmul Hossain Shanto. Excellent reflexes. Fully and in the middle of the arm, Taylor defended, but the ball darts and flew on the inside edge. He walked straight to a short foot, but he had little time to react. Shanto grabbed and began to celebrate, but only Rahim celebrated. Taijul was entertained. The finalist was not sure at all and then referred to him after he got his partner. The soft signal was out and the recordings show why. The ball went straight to Shanto, but managed to pick it up with his left hand. Great things. 47/2

WHO? Taylor seems to have caught a short leg. The finalists are not sure if they have succeeded. Call it upstairs and the soft signal OUT.

16.1 T Islam Taylor, Fully and Outward, Taylor pushes him to a dumb point. 47/1

15.6 M Hasan to Masakadza, Fully in the middle stoppage, Hamilton plays back from the back to the middle gate. 47/1

15.5 M Hasan for Massacre, The ball moves the ball straight to the ground. 47/1

15.4 M Hasan to the Masakadza, Throwing Mid Throw, Hamilton landed and the shovel was pushed behind the goalkeeper. Liton Das turns to the left of the first slip
trying to catch the catch but not
go to the ball. Two runs. 47/1

15.3 M Hasan to Masakadza, The Captain defended his front leg. 45/1

15.2 M Hasan to the Massacre, again headed, Hamilton leads to the bowler. 45/1

15.1 M Hasan for the Massacre, Hamilton drives the front leg. 45/1

Mehidy Hasan in the attack.

POTTS NEEDED. A decent hour for both sides. Bangladesh picked up a passageway, not surprisingly the spin, while Zimbabwe did well not lose more than one wicket. Even the dismissal came up against the gameplay. Masakadza stared at him. Rotation has already begun on the track, and the 300 must be minimum for visitors on this surface.

14.6 T Islam to Masakada, Flying consignment to bacon, Captain gets a short coat. 45/1

14.5 T Islam to the Massacre, Hamilton turns to his leg to protect his forefoot. 44/1

14.4 T for Islam Taylor, which was done by the calculator. They took a unit. 44/1

14.3 T Islam to Taylor, Fully to the middle stub, Taylor protects the front leg. 43/1

14.2 T Islam to H Masakada, throwing it back to the middle stump, Hamilton directs the cover to a cover. 43/1

14.1 T Islam to B Taylor, Throwing the middle stump and turning to the bat, Taylor defends his first leg and gets a single man to the third man. 42/1

13.6 The Haque for the Masakadza, Fully in the middle, pushed it straight to the short midfielder. 41/1

13.5 Haque to B Taylor, Outside, Taylor pulls this in the serene, wide middle. He stops near the ropes and the batsmen return three times. 41/1

13.4 Haque to Taylor, The Shooter played down from the first leg and the ground. 38/1

13.3 Haque Taylor, fuller length, from outside from outside, well protected. 38/1

13.2 Haque Taylor, The batsman representing the entire baton of the bat defended his first leg. 38/1

13.1 Haque to Taylor, Outside, he was cautiously protected from wrinkling. 38/1

12.6 T Islam to Masakadza, The Pofa Penalty has been throwing this ball over its edges. 38/1

12.5 T for Islam Taylor, which was done by the calculator. They took a unit. 38/1

12.4 T Islam Taylor, Full and Straight, Nicely Holding. 37/1

12.3 T Islam for Masakada, Used once for a middle column. 37/1

12.2 T Islam for Massacre, Outside, Game and Miss. 36/1

12.1 T Islam to Masakadza, Totally and around him, Masakadza tries to defend but falls in love with his pillow. 36/1

11.6 Haque Taylor, Taylor turns to the bat to protect the front leg. 36/1

11.5 Haque for H Masakadza, Long delivery in the middle stomp, Masakadza protects the front leg and gets a point to the point. 36/1

11.4 The Haque for Massacre, The Shooter played down from the first leg and the ground. 35/1

11.3 Haque Masakadza, Huge Appeal to LBW! Not who! Close the call. Dobakadza tries to defend the game but gets into the box. The bowler speaks, but the final shakes his head. Mahmudullah thinks about revision but decides against it. Probably the crash fell out. Indeed, Hawk Eye shows you the effect on the call of the superiors and then on the billboards. 35/1

11.2 Haque for the Massacre, He comes forward and moves to the point. 35/1

11.1 Haque for Masakadza, full and around it, carefully guarded. 35/1

10.6 T Islam for Taylor, Shorter in medium strokes, Taylor protects the hind legs. Taijul from Islam comes to an end. 35/1

10.5 T Islam Taylor, raised to the middle, Taylor protects the front leg. 35/1

Brendan Taylor joins Chari instead of No. 3.

10.4 T Islam to Chari, OUT! Bowled! The next ball went away! Full and straight, Chari sits down to play the slog sweep but is missing. Unnecessary shot. Hamilton played well at the other end and Chari was about to roll the strike. However, he goes for a wild shot and pays the price. Spin takes the first passage. How many people will be there yet? 35/1

10.3 T Islam for Massacre, MIX-UP, SAFE! Direct hit Chari would have been. In the middle and in the middle, Masakadza tries to defend, but the ball moves toward the inner edge toward the square foot. Chari wants the unit and is halfway on the track. Hamilton realizes it late and starts. The fielder fills, shy towards the end of the striker, but is missing. Chari was a goner, he was a hit. 35/0

10.2 T Is Islam on Chari, In the middle and on the foot Chari advances and makes a fine foot. 34/0

10.1 T Islam to Chari, Fully and down the leg, Chari looks as if slipping, but missing. 33/0

Changing the ends for Taijul.

9.6 Haque for the Massacre, Hamilton's other long-range shipment away from the gun, Hamilton leaves it alone. 33/0

9.5 Haque for Masakadza, Long delivery off off the stump, Hamilton protects his first leg. 33/0

9.4 The Haque for Masakadza, Good length in the middle stub, Hamilton moves to the center. 33/0

9.3 Haque for Masakadza, Good length delivery outside the car, Hamilton looks to cut it but checks it at the last minute. 33/0

9.2 Masakadza Haque, Abroad, Masakadza moves to the point. 33/0

9.1 The Haque for Masakadza, Fully and from the outside down, carefully set aside. 33/0

Ariful Haque introduced himself. Bangladesh under pressure early.

8.6 Abu Jayed to Chari, The bot does not throw the ball. Easy to catch the animal keeper behind. Strong appeal is the bowler and the fielders. The decider does not care about the appeal. 33/0

8.5 Abu Jayed Chari, FOUR! After a short pause, Hamilton slams the point towards the beautiful boundary. 33/0

8.4 Abu Jayed to Chari, The shooter shows the full face of the bat and protects the ball from the back. 29/0

8.3 Abu Jayed Chari, Bowls down the leg, Chari looks to catch him, but he misses. 29/0

8.2 Abu Jayed Chari, FOUR! He led the middle of the match. The ball runs to the limit. The judge indicates a limit. 29/0

8.1 Abu Jayed to Chari, Good length in the middle, Chari protects the front leg. 25/0

7.6 T Islam for the Massacre, Six! Up and up! Fully and from the outside out, Masakada goes forward and shoots for a long time! 25/0

7.5 T Islam to Masakada, make good progress and block it. 19/0

7.4 T Islam to Masakada, The botanist defended that he was behind the line of shipment. 19/0

7.3 T Islam to H Masakada, Completely and from the outside, straight to the cover. 19/0

7.2 T Islam for the Massacre, FOUR! Nice work. Whole and Legs Hamilton descends and rounds the square feet at the limit! 19/0

7.1 T Islam to the Massacre, Totally in the middle, retreated to the bowler. 15/0

6.6 Abu Jayed to Chari, Good length of delivery in Chari, Chari keeps for the third person and gets popped. 15/0

6.5 Abu Jayed Chari, Bouncer! The hammer duck at the last minute from the scuba diver. 13/0

6.4 Abu Jayed Chari, to the center of the region. 13/0

6.3 Abu Jayed Chari, The shooter played down from the first leg and the ground. 13/0

6.2 Abu Jayed Chari, Good length outside the car, Chari left it alone. 13/0

6.1 Abu Jayed for H Masakada, the bowls are a yorker with the bachelor, Hamilton brings his bat to time and gets a point to the point. 13/0

5.6 T Islam to Chari, Totally and Outward, moved to the point again. 12/0

5.5 T Islam to Chari, He went abroad, turned away, took up arms. 12/0

5.4 T Islam to Chari, The whip of the bat's full guard defended the first leg. 12/0

5.3 T Is Islam to Chari, Completely and Outwardly, With Broad Nonsense, Ahead Aerials. 12/0

5.2 T Islam to Chari, Abroad, moved to the point. 12/0

5.1 T Islam to Chari, Faster is one, the arm ball. Chari provides good progress and protection. 12/0

4.6 Abu Jayed to Masakada, He came and kept it. 12/0

4.5 Abu Jayed to Masakada, He returns to his crevice and blocks. 12/0

4.4 Abu Jayed Chari, The jaw can not get one of them and gets to the bench. They took a unit. The judge gave his foot. 12/0

4.3 Abu Jayed Chari, Bouncer! The casino is a duck at the time to let one pass through it. 11/0

4.2 Abu Jayed Chari, Outside, leaving alone. 11/0

4.1 Abu Jayed Chari, The first bat on the bat's full front. 11/0

3.6 T Islam to Massacre, The shooter played down from the first leg and the ground. 11/0

3.5 T Islam for the Massacre, Six! Ho ho snow! Nice hit! Fully and from the outside down, Masakadza just passed the line and cleared up. 11/0

3.4 T Islam to Massacre, The shooter snatched the ball from his back. 5/0

3.3 T Islam to Masakadza, Fully and from the outside, straight to the lid. 5/0

3.2 T Islam's Masakadza was right out of the reach, having been booked into the center of the penalty area. 5/0

3.1 T Islam to the Massacre, Above the middle, protected. 5/0

2.6 Abu Jayed Chari, a very wide range, apart from kilometers, Brian does not persecute this. 5/0

2.5 Jayed Chari, NOT OUT. INTERNAL EDGE! Bangladesh lost the review in the third half of the line. A beautiful walnut that longed for, and suddenly came back, Chari looked like he was defending himself, but then he was a bit of a move. As a result, they pulled over and found the pillows. Jayed appealed, but the judge refused. It was found during the review that the Snickometer's outer edge was detected! 5/0

Huge LBW yells! Not given. The bowler seems to be confident and Mahmudullah went for the review. Looks pretty …

2.4 Abu Jayed to B Chari, Fully And Outside Down, Through One Pole. It takes the mark in nice style. 5/0

2.3 Abu Jayed Chari, lowered from the outside, with a touch, leaving alone. 3/0

2.2 To Abu Jayed Chari, all in and out of kilometers, they pass again. 3/0

2.1 Abu Jayed Chari, Outside, alone. 3/0

1.6 T Islam to Masakadza, Externally, firmly blocked to the point. Tidy start at Taijul. 3/0

1.5 T Islam to the Massacre, Completely and Outward, Turned, Left alone. 3/0

1.4 Islam to the Massacre, RELIGION TO THE FOLLOWING! FULL THIS GAME! Hamilton is located in the middle and backs back but thick inside. The ball then moves to the bench, jumps to the ground and passes through Rahim's gloves. Mushhfiqur thinks the ball hit the boot, so he got the catch, but then the sweater informs him that he was discarded. 3/0

1.3 T Islam the Masakadza, fuller length, firmly defended the down. 3/0

1.2 T Islam to Masakadza, Shortly after, Masakadza tries to pull, but the ball rebounds sharply after the pass and the captain gets married. Pull to the rear side. 3/0

1.1 T Islam for Masakada, full and externally down, straight for short extra cover. 3/0

Taijul Islamic bowl from the other end. So we will spin from the first.

0.6 Abu Jayed Chari, He went abroad and took up arms. 3/0

0.5 Abu Jayed Masakada, Great shot, fantastic spell. But did Mahmudullah hurt you? Fully and from the outside, Hamilton takes the lid. The ball comes almost to the ropes, but captain Mahmudullah hits him and then rushes to retrieve the ball. Oh. Three runs. 3/0

0.4 Abu Jayed's Masakada, that's back, Hamilton feels, but he beat him. 0/0

0.3 Abu Jayed Massacre, Completely and Only Outside, Left alone. 0/0

0.2 Abu Jayed Masakadzához, hasonló labda, valószínűleg még szélesebb is, mint Masakadza ismét karjait. 0/0

0.1 Abu Jayed Masakadzához, jó kezdet. Hosszúságon kívül, lengve, de egy kicsit túl széles, hogy játszani. Egyedül hagyva. 0/0

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